Conference App

Stay Connected with the #CAGP19 Conference App!


Download the app on your phone, Apple and Android available.  You can click the links above on your phone, or simply search “cagp2019” in your app store. 

You may find you need to refresh the app from time to time. In order to do this, click on “Menu” at the top left-hand corner and then scroll down to “Refresh app”.

If you prefer to access on a web browser instead, simply visit


PLEASE NOTE: If you have ever created a profile on another Eventmobi app in the past, the password you used is the one that you would be expected to input when creating your profile on the CAGP app. If you are having trouble, simply click on Forgot your password? and you will be able to reset your password.  

Steps to get your app ready for #CAGP19

  1. Log in to create your profile

    1. This allows you to create and save your personalized schedule which you can then easily access on the app
    2. Creating a profile also makes it easier for others to connect with you during the conference, a great way to meet new people
    3. You can add a picture (to help people find you), your job and company, a short bio, link to your website and your social media accounts
    4. Once you have a profile, you can message other attendees through the app, and they can send you messages, too. 

  2. Create your personalized conference schedule 
    1. Click the menu and select ‘conference schedule’
    2. Look at each day and add the sessions you have chosen to attend to your personalized page on the app – it’s just one tap. 
    3. If you don’t remember which sessions you signed up for, you can check your confirmation email from when you registered, or visit and click ‘Returning Registrant/Modifier l’enregistrement’.  If you have any further questions or wish to change your education session selections please contact
    4. Your personalized schedule will now be available on the homepage of the app every time you open it 
  3. Check out who else is coming to the conference 
    1. Visit the ‘Attendees’ tab on the menu to see who else has created a profile and connect with others in your sessions, or people you miss because you are in different sessions – send them a message and make a plan to meet for lunch!
  4. Check out the sponsors and exhibitors 

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Taylor, Conference Assistant at