Session Topic Streams

Topic Streams are congruent with CAGP’s Competency Framework.

Streamline your session choices with topic streams to ensure your conference education covers the gift planning bases.

En français svp! French Sessions
Sponsor: Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine
Session topics of broad interest delivered in French by recognized leaders. While the content of these sessions may include issues that are more culturally relevant to Canadian francophones or legally relevant to Québec’s civil code, these sessions were chosen for their overall strength as part of CAGP’s program. Whether you are a native French speaker or you are passively bilingual, learn from some of the French-speaking leaders in our field!
1.1 Accompagner le donateur dans sa démarche de planification philanthropique: un travail d’équipe et de collaboration
2.1 L’Intelligence philanthropique ou l’art de connecter avec les donateurs et les professionnels
3.1 La liquidation des successions: vos droits et obligations tant qu’héritier charitable
4.1 Démystifier l’approche intégrée (Blended Gifts)

Building Relationships
Sponsor: The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal
Sessions that explore the art of being truly donor- / client-centred, as experienced professionals share strategies and tactics for building an authentic rapport with donors and clients that will evolve relationships from the transactional to transformational.
1.1 Accompagner le donateur dans sa démarche de planification philanthropique: un travail d’équipe et de collaboration
1.3 Your Legacy Love Story: Keeping Your Donors Engaged, Delighted and Committed
2.1 L’Intelligence philanthropique ou l’art de connecter avec les donateurs et les professionnels
2.3 Integrated Gifting, Blended Gifts – Transformational Legacy
2.6 Philanthropy 3.0: Financing Solutions Instead of Funding Problems – A Social Impact Lab
3.5 Building Relationships: Engaging Chinese Canadians in Estate Planning
3.6 What We Do Together Matters: Building Successful Relationships Among Planned Giving Professionals, Donor and Advisors
4.4 The Millionaire-Next-Door Donor
4.5 Doing Good for Business – Philanthropy & the Professional Advisor’s Business Practice
5.4 Money, Mindset and Wealth
5.6 Philanthropic Advisory Services and Financial Institutions: What Impact and Role Do They Play in Advancing the Work of the Charitable Sector?  
6.4 A ‘Loverizing’ Matrix for the Civic Cohort
7.3 Setting Philanthropy to Music: Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme
7.6 Glossing over Grief – Why Fundraisers and Advisors Should Face Fears Surrounding Death Conversations
8.1 Big or Small, Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Legacy Ball 
8.3 The Power of ‘Values Aligned’ Partnerships in Creating Customized Solutions for Your Clients 
8.5 Using Planned Giving Tools to Build Relationships
8.6 Emerging Markets: Immigration, Ethnocultural Diversity and Languages

Ethics & Judgement
Sponsor: David Forest Financial Services 
Strategic charitable gift planning often brings unique opportunities and challenges. These sessions will enable delegates to proactively tackle challenges and pursue opportunities to manage gift planning programs with excellence.
5.5 The Philanthropic Discussion and Vulnerable Donors – Ethical and Legal Consideration
7.5 Above and Beyond: Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour from Donors

Gift Planning Vehicles
Sponsor: Montreal Heart Institute Foundation
Bequests are the cornerstone, but why stop there? These sessions will serve to increase knowledge and understanding of the variety of current and deferred gift vehicles, such as securities, registered funds, insurance, gifts-in-kind, as well as the opportunities and impact they have for donors.
1.2 Gift Planning Overview
1.5 Unpacking Gifts of Insurance
3.2 Legacy KPIs and Dashboard: How to Report Without Losing Your Mind
7.1 Donor Advised Funds: What’s Ahead

Legal Issues of Gift Planning & the Charitable Sector
Sponsor: Spiegel Sohmer
These sessions will help professionals hone their technical knowledge and sharpen their expertise to support donors / clients along their philanthropic journey, and manage their gift planning program or practice with confidence and competence.
1.4 Incapacity, Calendar Notes and Cocktail Napkins: Gifts from Incapable Donors, and the Validity of Informal Wills
2.5 Documenting Gifts and Grants
3.1 La liquidation des successions: vos droits et obligations tant qu’héritier charitable
3.4 Gift Acceptance Policies – Hot Policies for Hot Gifts
4.3 The “ABC’s” of Trusts, Uses in Charitable Giving 
5.2 Estate Administration Fundamentals in 1.5 Hours!
6.5 Private Foundations as a Win-Win Vehicle for the Donor and the Charitable Organization Recipient
7.2 Navigating Challenging Estates

Know Your Charity
Philanthropists are becoming increasingly involved and savvy, and estates are becoming more complex, making a sound understanding of governance and financial matters integral to success. These sessions reach beyond gift and estate planning to the broader spectrum of charity management and oversight.
1.6 Creating Change: Getting Organizational Culture Unstuck
4.1 Démystifier l’approche intégrée (Blended Gifts)
4.6 Using Research and Integration to Target Your Planned Giving Program
6.2 Small Shops: Planning for Success
6.3 Nudge Theory – Influencing Giving Behaviour
7.4 How to Influence Change When You Are Not in Charge
8.4 Creative Solutions to Fortify Your Succession Plan: A Consideration of How to Retain and Best Utilize Young Talent From The Next Generation

Marketing & Communications
Sponsor: Un héritage à partager Québec
These sessions introduce delegates to the newest and greatest ideas to develop and distribute targeted gift planning marketing and communications collateral across multi-media platforms.
2.2 Donor Survey: An Inspiring, Effective and Cost-friendly Approach 
2.4 Integrated Marketing: Taking your Legacy Program to the Next Level
3.3 Legacy Key Messages: Unlock Your Supporters’ Hearts, Lock up more Gift Commitments
4.2 Integrating Gift Planning into Your Fund Development Program
5.3 Legacy Marketing Prêt-à-porter
6.6 How to Bump Up Your Lead Generation in 5 Weeks
8.2 Painting a Picture of Our Legacy Donors


Please note: The program and list of speakers are subject to change without notice.