Session Topic Streams

Please note: Speakers and program are subject to change

Topic streams enable you to streamline your session choices and ensure your conference education covers the gift planning bases.

Gift Planning Essentials
These sessions deliver knowledge and concepts fundamental for gift planners who are new to the profession or seeking a refresher on a certain topic.
1.2 Gift Planning Overview
4.2 Loyalty Without Limits – Maximizing Lifetime Value Through Legacy Giving
7.6 Guidelines for Making Ethical Choices

Skills & Competencies
Successful gift planners and advisors require a broad range of knowledge and expertise to manage a complex array of tasks. These sessions focus on the development of professional skills that will maximize performance and optimize impact.
1.4 Blended Gifts: The Ultimate in Donor Centric Collaboration  
2.4 How to Maximize Data to Enhance Your Gift Planning Program and Direct Mail Campaigns
4.6 Building Strong Relationships Between Advisors and Gift Planners
5.3 Tax Effective Gift Strategies During Lifetime and After Death

Managing a Gift Planning Program
Strategic charitable gift planning often brings unique opportunities and challenges. These sessions will enable delegates to proactively tackle challenges and pursue opportunities to manage gift planning programs with excellence.  
1.5 A Global Perspective of Legacy Giving 
3.2 Faith-based Fundraising Panel
5.6 Retirement: The Final Frontier?
7.2 Calculating an ROI for Your Planned Gift Marketing
7.5 From Side Show to Main Event: Planned Giving’s Moment to Shine        

Communications & Marketing
Sponsored by: Good Works

These sessions introduce delegates to the newest and greatest ideas to develop and distribute targeted gift planning marketing and communications collateral across multi-media platforms.
1.3 Creating a Comprehensive and Sustainable Communication and Marketing Strategy
2.2 21st Century Planned Gift Marketing  
3.5 Once Upon a Time: How to Tell Great Legacy Stories      
4.4 Cases for Support: Not Just for Capital Campaigns!   
4.5 Legal Issues in Fundraising on Social Media
6.2 The Changing Face of Canada: What’s Your Multicultural Strategy?  

Donor/Client Relations
Sponsored by: Strategic Philanthropy Inc.

Sessions that explore the art of being truly donor- / client-centred, as experienced professionals share strategies and tactics for building an authentic rapport with donors and clients that will evolve relationships from the transactional to transformational.
2.6 Get Results! How to Unleash the Power of Stewardship
3.6 Wisdom of the Ages: Building Successful Intergenerational Relationships
4.3 How to Engage the Next Generation of Philanthropists
5.2 When Your Donor Doesn’t Want to Meet
6.5 Beyond “Likes” to “Trusted Conversations”
7.3 Transitional Questions and the Art of Being Meaningful

Philanthropists are increasingly involved and savvy, and estates are becoming more complex, making a sound understanding of governance and financial matters integral to success. These sessions reach beyond gift and estate planning to the broader spectrum of charity management and oversight.
1.6 Taking Charge: Preparing & Positioning Yourself in Today’s Non-Profit Sector
2.7 Responsible Investing: Insights and Implications for Canadian Not-for-Profits
3.4 Government Relations at CAGP  
5.4 Donation of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
5.5 The Charity’s Right to Information from Executors and Trustees 

Technical Expertise 
Sponsored by: MLT Aikins LLP
These sessions will help professionals hone their technical knowledge and sharpen their expertise to support donors / clients along their philanthropic journey, and manage their gift planning program or practice with confidence and competence. 
2.3 Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Insurance in Your Planned Giving Program
2.5 I’ve Changed My Mind! Amending the Terms of a Planned Gift    
3.1 Due Diligence in Gift Documentation
3.3 Charitable Gifts Made Through Trusts 
6.3 Wealth Management Profiles: How Donors Hold Their Wealth
6.4 Cross Border Gift Planning from a Canadian Charitable Perspective
6.6 Innovative Gifts and Tax Receipting – Getting it Right
7.4 KYC, Anti-Money Laundering and FATCA Issues