Many of the CAGP Chapters offer bursaries to members, allowing them the opportunity to attend the Conference when they might otherwise not have the financial means to do so.

Some Chapters offering bursaries for the CAGP Conference offer one for a local member and/or one for a National member from anywhere in Canada. Even if your Chapter is not sponsoring a bursary this year, we advise that you still apply.

The intent of the CAGP bursary program is to provide opportunities for development professionals to go to the CAGP National Conference who would otherwise not be able to attend.  NOTE: preferential treatment will be given to applicants from smaller organizations with limited professional development budgets who are relatively new to the profession of gift planning.  For example: applicants from organizations with gross revenues in excess of $10 million annually, and/or with access to greater than $800 per person in professional development budget, and/or with greater than 5 years of planned giving experience, and/or that do not actively participate in Chapter events or CAGP programs and events may apply, but will be ranked behind other applicants.

Please read the following Current Terms and Conditions before completing an application:

Current Terms and Conditions  
The CAGP Conference Bursary Program is designed to contribute to the professional development of individuals in the gift planning profession – or those who provide advice to donors, who might otherwise be unable to attend the CAGP Conference due to financial constraints. Equally important is our desire to promote equal opportunity and cultural diversity, reflective of Canadian society, within the gift planning field.

All applicants must currently be a CAGP member in good standing and have been a member for 6 months prior to this application. Applicants applying for CAGP membership at time of bursary application are not eligible for a bursary, though may apply for a bursary in one year if they remain a member in good standing.

Applicants from all organizations, regardless of size, are welcome to apply. Preference will be given to individuals in organizations that, due to smaller size and staffing budgets, would be unable to otherwise afford these educational opportunities. Only one application per organization will be considered. Exceptions will be made for national organizations that have several regional offices.
Once a National Bursary has been granted, further bursary applications for any national CAGP event will not be accepted from that individual for a period of two (2) years.

Our policy stipulates that bursaries will cover REGISTRATION FEES ONLY. However, travel and accommodation expenses for the national conference might be covered for some bursaries – depending on the bursary sponsors stipulations. For more details on the available bursaries and coverage, please see below.

If your attendance depends on you receiving a bursary, you do not need to register or complete a registration form. Should you receive a bursary, that information will be collected later.
Please note that we may ask for your organization’s most recent audited income statement however it is not necessary to submit them at this time.

The CAGP Conference Bursary Committee will review all applications and make their decisions on February 14 and all applicants will be informed that week, allowing those who did not receive a bursary, time to register before the early bird deadline (March 2).

The bursary application process for the 26th National Conference (2019) will open in early December 2018.