Are you interested in attending CAGP’s 27th National Conference on Strategic Philanthropy but don’t have the means to do so? Assistance may be available!

With the generous contribution of many CAGP Chapters, as well as other partners and supporters, we are pleased to offer a number of conference bursaries so our members can access this outstanding professional opportunity.

Bursaries are allocated to support both members affiliated with a local Chapter or within a specific community as well as members from elsewhere in Canada. That means, even if your Chapter or an organization from your community is not sponsoring a bursary you are still encouraged to apply.

Bursaries cover the full Conference early-bird registration fee (including taxes) unless otherwise indicated.

Please review the following Terms and Conditions before completing your application.

The CAGP Conference Bursary Program is intended to enable both charity gift planners and professional advisors to participate in this outstanding professional development opportunity where financial constraints are a barrier to access. We also seek to strengthen cultural diversity among our delegates. As such, while anyone may apply for a bursary, we do prioritize applications from those in small organizations or companies with limited professional development budgets, and from members of diverse communities.

Applicants must be a current CAGP member and have been a member in good standing for at least 3 months prior to the application deadline, which is February 8, 2021. This means you need to be a member in good standing at least since Nov. 8, 2020.

Only one application per organization/company will be considered, with the exception of national bodies with local/regional offices.

Unless otherwise stated, bursaries cover early bird registration fees only (plus applicable taxes).

For more information on the available bursaries and coverage, please see above.

Application Procedure
To assist you in compiling the necessary information to complete the application process, we recommend downloading the pdf of the application questions available here and reviewing in advance.

Please note, subsequent to completing the application, you may be asked to provide your organization’s most recent audited financial statements.

If your conference attendance is contingent upon receiving a bursary, do not register for the conference in advance. Registration instructions will be provided with notification of your successful application.

All qualifying applications will be reviewed by the CAGP Conference Bursary Committee. All applicants will be notified of decisions in mid-February 2021.

The deadline to submit a bursary application was Monday, February 8, 2021. The application process is now closed for this year. Please consider applying for a bursary for the Conference in 2022. That bursary application process will open in December 2021. 

The following CAGP Chapters are offering bursaries for the 2021 Virtual Conference:

Vancouver Island Chapter
2 local
1 national

Greater Vancouver Chapter
3 local
1 provincial (BC)

Alberta North

2 local

Brian Duclos Memorial Bursary
2 local (Alberta South Chapter)

North Saskatchewan Chapter
3 partial bursaries (local) at $300 each

South Saskatchewan Chapter
1 national

Manitoba Chapter
2 local

Greater Toronto Chapter
1 local
1 national

Niagara/Golden Horseshoe Chapter
1 local
1 national

London Chapter
2 local

Ottawa Chapter
1 local


Québec Chapter
3 local
2 national

Nova Scotia Chapter
1 local