The annual conference is a showcase for gift planners, fundraisers and professional advisors and other senior leaders to exchange information, knowledge and ideas on all aspects of the gift planning process, from the interpersonal to the highly technical, as well as broader issues and trends pertinent to our delegates.

In our efforts to strengthen diversity, CAGP encourages and is actively seeking speakers from all diverse backgrounds to present at our upcoming conference.Allyship begins with listening,speaking and amplifying, and CAGP would like to play an active role in providing opportunity to share experiences, promote awareness and create a more inclusive sector.

The deadline for submissions is Monday June 28, 2021.

The 28th National Conference on Strategic Philanthropy will take place April 6 - 8, 2022 in Halifax, Nova Scotia SAVE THE DATE


Reimagining the future of philanthropy

CAGP’s 27th Conference on Strategic Philanthropy, which took place April 14-16, 2021, tackled some big themes, none more so than the rallying cry to ‘reimagine the future of philanthropy’. These messages deeply resonated with conference attendees, so much so that we were asked to make some of the information available publicly so that attendees could share the words with their leadership and board members. Today we are pleased to do so.

CAGP is the only organization that enables charitable gift planners and professional advisors to collaborate and network.

Each year, our members from coast to coast come together for an intensive 3-day national conference. With inspirational speakers, skilled presenters and facilitators, CAGP’s National Conference on Strategic Philanthropy provides an outstanding opportunity for delegates to learn, network, exchange experiences, and keep up-to-date on all new trends, issues and the latest practices in strategic charitable gift planning.


In Canada, there is no other conference which provides the depth of information specific to planned giving and strategic philanthropy.


Up-to-date legislation and tax benefits, current and emerging trends in philanthropy, new technology and tools are exclusively discussed at this conference.


Engage in provocative discussions designed to challenge your perceptions and to encourage you to reimagine the future.


Meet and exchange ideas with like-minded fundraisers, advisors and leaders in Canada’s charitable community.


Connect with vendors from across Canada to learn about products and services and the latest tools, technology and ideas.

Countdown to #CAGP22

About Us

CAGP is a national association that inspires and educates the people involved in strategic charitable gift planning. We advocate for a beneficial tax and legislative environment that strengthens philanthropic giving, create a networking environment with like-minded professionals and experts, and provide access to outstanding learning opportunities and professional development.


CAGP’s National Conference is the only place to come together with peers who “get” what you do, and how your work makes an impact. 

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